Justin Baillargeon

Born and raised in Langley, as a child Justin loved spending his time playing street hockey with the neighbouring kids, riding his bike to Ed’s Market and loading up on Sour Candies. He attends Langley Cruising Days every year and shares a love of muscle and street cars with his father. With a background in construction he started his real estate career 13 years ago. A father of 2 beautiful girls, ages 7 and 3, Justin understands the needs and dreams of homeownership with a family. He brings not only a caring and attentive attitude but also an energetic and fun-loving personality. His expert advice and exceptional communication skills add to his professionalism and caring nature.


Elain Shields – Full Time Assistant

Along with her energetic personality, innovative mindset, and amazing work ethic, Elaine brings over 25 years of experience in Customer Service, Real Estate and Mortgage Administration to the group. When Elaine is not hard at work she enjoys entertaining family and friends, watching sports, karaoke, golfing, and of course indulging in a glass of wine… or two.


Kensington Baillargeon – Junior Associate

What is your favourite room in the house? “Playroom.”

What does Daddy do when you are not around? “Clean my room.”

What makes Daddy a great realtor? “You have a beard.”

What do you like most about helping Daddy with Real Estate? “Putting on SOLD stickers and eating Happy Meals.”

What make you a great Junior Assistant? “I can talk and I’m funny.”


Vienna Baillargeon – Junior Associate

What is your Dad not very good at? “Cooking.”

What is the nicest thing you could do for someone? “Invite them to my birthday party.”

What makes Dad a great realtor? “You like talking on the phone and laughing.”

What do you like most about helping Dad with Real Estate? “Handing out housewarming gifts and keys.”

What makes you a great Junior Assistant? “I like talking to people and getting dressed up.”